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Art Classes

- All classes run Monday-Thursday

- Classes are located indoors in a classroom at Inspire Family Fellowship. 523 N 21st     Street Bismarck (In the old Saxvik school). Please park in the big parking lot in the back of the school and enter through this door.


 - Nature Art art is located outdoors at Sleepy Hollow Theatre Arts Park. Pick up and drop off will be at the large picnic shelter down the hill from the entrance.

SESSION I: June 12-15

Art Fun for the Young                                             Ali LaRock       9:00-10:00    ages 4,5,6          $60


This class is designed for young artists to explore the world of art as they experiment and learn about a variety of art mediums while painting, drawing, designing, and building. Basic techniques and skills will be offered, and students are welcome to work at their own pace. Please bring a paint shirt or apron for your child to wear during the week when needed. 

Animals, Animals, Animals    

Ali LaRock          10:30-12 noon    ages 6-15           $70


Have fun being with other animal lovers as you learn basic techniques to draw, paint and sculpt your favorite animals and their habitats. Learn approaches in both cartooning and realistic styles.  Reference images of animals will be provided but feel free to bring any photos or images that inspire you!

Cartoons, Comics, and Claymation 

Ali LaRock       1:00-3:00    ages 7-15           $100


Cartoons can be anything—people, animals, food or objects!  Have fun drawing and exploring simple ways to use your imagination to create your own characters, expressions, features and personalities.  Learn ways to turn your cartoons into simple comic strips and comic books if you wish.  Sculpt your characters out of clay and bring them to life with simple stop-motion animation.  Students will receive a link to watch and share their movie. 

Session II: June 19-22

Let’s Make Puppets!

Ali LaRock         9:00-10:00     ages 5-15            $60

Get creative and have fun performing with your own handmade puppets. Use fabric, felt, cardboard, and recycled materials to make a variety of puppets such as sock, rod, finger, and marionette puppets. Students will also create their own mini puppet theatres to take home with them. 

Draw, Paint, Sculpt

10:30-12:00   Grades k-5   $80

This class is for any students’ grade k-5 who were in elementary school the 22-23 school year. Basic techniques and a wide variety of approaches will be offered with acrylic paint, clay, drawing materials, and more! Students will be able to work at their own pace and are encouraged to take the projects in their own direction. 

Middle School Art Experience  

 1:30-3:00    Grades 6,7,8     $80

This class is for students currently in middle school or those who will be going into middle school in the fall. Students will learn about and experience lessons with drawing, painting, and sculpting with materials such as acrylic paint, charcoal, marker and colored pencil, clay, plaster, and more. Basic to advanced techniques will be offered meeting each participant at the level they are at.

Session III:  June 26,27,28,29

Nature Art

Ali LaRock         10:00-12:00     ages 6-15          $80

Located at Sleepy Hollow Arts Park, this class will immerse students in the outdoors as they create works of art inspired by and with natural materials.  Draw, paint, collage, and build!  The class will be held under a gazebo, and we will take daily nature walks.  Please bring sunscreen, snacks, water and appropriate clothing for your child.  

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