Come audition for us!

We accept all students of all backgrounds and experience levels going into the 6th grade to recent high school graduates.


No matter what, there is a place for you! 

1) Everyone is welcome. Those audition dates are a clean slate. A chance for a new beginning. As you have seen before, anything is possible when you audition and audition well. Get out of your head and fear and do the best that you can do. You owe it to yourself. So, make the most of the opportunity that you are given. 


2) Prepare a song. Create a story. Live in that story. Make us as the auditionees see and feel that story that you are creating. Live in the character that you are creating. 


3) Prepare two songs if you like. Sometimes one isn't enough. I can't promise that you will sing it but always good to be overly prepared. 


4) I know a lot of you have competition songs, sing one of them but then sing something musical theatre. It is good to hear your voice in different styles. 


5) If you want to be considered for a lead, memorize your music and be prepared. This is musical theatre so you need to ACT the song. Not just sing it. The most important part of singing is telling a STORY.


6) If you record, we will have the Bluetooth ready to use. However, if you want to be considered for a lead, you should audition without holding your phone and have it memorized. If you just want ensemble, then 


Have fun and don't be afraid. Show up and commit. 


I'm so excited to see that so many of you have signed up. I'm thrilled with the turn out. 


Send the registration form to Read the sides and prepare to read in the audition. If we don't have you read, that does not mean anything. 

There will be no dance auditions and no callbacks.


At the audition, your picture will be taken and you will be auditioning for Daniel Walstad the director of The Little Mermaid Jr and Legally Blonde directed by  Job Ethan Christenson and Casey Paradies. 


Any song will do and have it on your phone or able to do bluetooth for the sound system that will be there. 


Just send in your registration forms and pay your fees.


Final day for fees are May 15 so we know who has committed. Scholarships are available with an email to


We can't wait to see you and Break-a-leg to all. Remember, we want you to do well and you are already cast in the shows. This is just a chance to know you better and to see what you can do.


We will have an amazing summer and a celebration of the comeback to Sleepy Hollow Summers under the stars.  


Sincerely, SHTAP



Don't forget to register for classes and lessons online or in person.

 This is an excellent way to improve your performing and visual arts skills!




o-No one will be discriminated against based on race, religion, ability, financial status, age, gender, and/or sexual orientation.   

o-Bullying, harassment of any kind, alienation or outbursts of any anger or violence will not be tolerated and will be terms for recasting.   

We are done with auditions but are taking more applications for students to be involved. 
Also still accepting Rising Stars.
Email to