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Do you have a large group of theatre lovers? Save 15 - 20% on tickets with one of our many membership options! We are only selling group tickets for Legally Blonde. Little Mermaid only has one ticket price.

Call Susan at 701-319-0894 or mail a check to PO Box 675 Bismarck, ND 58502

LITTLE MERMAID JR.    All tickets $15.  (5 and under free)


LEGALLY BLONDE.   (5 and under free)

Group tickets:  10 adult tickets ( $220 value)      $176

Friends Package.  8 Adult tickets ($176 value)     $150

Family Package.  4 adult tickets ($88 value)         $ 75

Couple Package   2 adult tickets ($44 value)        $ 38

All children 5 and younger are free!

Tickets are a Dollar more at the Gate

Gate Opens at 700 pm

Show starts at 800 pm

Tickets available at the Gate and Eckroth Music and Subways except NOT the ones at Walmart!!!

The Little Mermaid Jr.

General $15.00 for everyone

Legally Blonde


ADULTS: $22.00

SEN 62 & up/STUDENT 13 & up: $18.00

CHILD 6-12: $12.00 

5 and under: Free


Aug. 10 $18.00

DISCOUNTS only for Legally Blonde


Part of the fun of outdoor theatre is the expereience of art and nature intersecting; however, weather does not always permit this to happen. SHTAP will not make a final decision to cancel a show due to adverse weather conditions until as close to show time as possible on a show night. Cancellation announcements will be posted to social media.  

*** In the event of a cancellation (weather, etc), tickets will be reissued for another performance. No refunds.

**** If cancellation happens after the FIRST ACT or on the FINAL PERFORMANCE, tickets will NOT be reissued or refunded. 

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