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Evelyn's Haven

Donated by one of our founders, "Evelyn's Haven" is one of our newest additions. Imagine exchanging vows outdoors in an amphitheater site  surrounded by lush green trees and beneath the beautiful blue North Dakota sky. 

Bud's Corner

Named after one of our founders, enjoy our lovely gazebo site. A beautiful site with trees and a cemented ground. A perfect place for an intimate occasion!


$3 per chair

Description: White Resin folding chairs


Prices may vary. Please contact us for more information.

  • Silk Flowers and vines to decorate arches

  • Colored flowers to match wedding

  • White cloths for tables 

  • Large floral Urns (6 or more available) 

  • Fabric draped on Shepherd's Hooks

  • Ornamented Paper Lanterns

  • and much more! 


We have a large catalog of talented musicians! Please feel free to ask for contact information. 

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